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Bees are fascinating creatures with complex behaviours some of which we still don't understand. In order to keep honey bees the best way possible we need to try to understand how and why bees behave the way they do, and endeavour to allow bees to live as nature intended with minimum interference - after all bees have been around for a few more million years than we have... Take a look at the sections below for information on the honey bee and natural bee keeping, and an introduction to the other 249 species of bee we have in the UK

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01-01-2018 by 

Hopefully  on these pages you will find loads of handy information all about bees and bee keeping. If you have any questions, have a different point of view or have some new and interesting points you'd like to make then leave a comment below.

I'll be updating and adding hopefully quite frequently so keep coming and checking for new info.