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Bees are among our most important pollinators in the world. Honey bees are considered one of the most proficient because they visit the biggest variety of plants during their life time. These pollinating visits are crucial in the production of one third of all of our food, not to mention most of the flowers in our gardens!

But bees are in decline... Why? There are lots of reasons, but the loss of 99% of all our wild flower habitats for farmland and development, and the use of chemicals in farming and gardening have both had a huge impact on bee numbers. However we can all do lots to help...

Group of Bee Keepers at Worsley Hall Allotments

A group of bee keepers at Worsley Hall Allotments

Making an apiary at Worsley Hall Allotments

Building hives at Greenslate farm

Newly finished apiary at Worsley Hall Allotments

Completed hive ready for new apiary at Greenslate farm

Bee keepers inspecting the apiary at Worsley Hall Allotments

Bee keepers inspecting the apiary at Worsley Hall Allotments


 Bee keeping information

Image of one of our Hives

Curious about bees? Want to learn a little more about bee keeping and the honey bee? Want to know what to plant to help the bees? Then you're in the right place!

Visit the Bee information page for all things bees and beekeeping.